Moving Windmills Project seeks financial support for community initiatives in Wimbe, Malawi. Contribute to the general project fund, or, if you wish to send funds to a specific initiative, choose a donation category below.

General Project Fund

Funds donated to the General Project Fund are distributed across the projects, with priority given to areas with the most urgent need.

Wimbe Primary School Windmill

This public windmill, to be located at the primary school, will allow children to power radios and adults to charge mobile phones.

Cost: $300
Priority: medium

Books for Village Library

William’s windmill adventure began with a textbook picture of a windmill, found in the Wimbe village library. The library in Wimbe consists largely of textbooks, agricultural and HIV prevention materials. Moving Windmills works with the experienced organizations Books for Africa and Better World Books to bring children’s picture books, grade-school fiction and non-fiction to the village library.

Cost: The need for books is high. $3,000-$5,000 will help further this extensive project.
Priority: high

Practice Jerseys and Children’s-Size Soccer Balls for Wimbe Primary School

Wimbe Primary School children lack proper soccer balls and mesh practice jerseys. For the primary school, comprised of 1,400 students, Moving Windmills aims to contribute 80 practice jerseys and 12 children’s-size soccer balls.

Cost: $700, including shipping
Priority: high

Women’s Netball Uniforms

Netball is a popular women’s sport similar to American basketball. Netball equipment differs from basketball: hoops lack backboards and netballs are similar in size to a volleyball. The local Wimbe team needs uniforms, basketball shoes and netballs. The larger objective includes acquiring new baskets and a durable concrete court.

Cost: approximately $5,000
Priority: medium

Secondary School Scholarships

Your donations provide students with an essential step in building a better future for themselves and for Africa. A $75 annual tuition sends students of age 14-18 to public secondary day school, while a $125 annual tuition for boarding school students includes books and uniforms.

Cost: $2,000 for 20 students (10 in public school, 10 in boarding school)
Priority: high

Football Goal Nets (Soccer)

Currently, the village soccer field’s two goals consist of simple frames without nets. Moving Windmills hopes to replace the goals with new equipment, complete with nets.

Cost: $3,000
Priority: medium

New Primary School

A larger goal of Moving Windmills Project is to rebuild the structure where William attended primary school. Over 1,400 students attend the school, where nine classrooms in three buildings are inadequate to accommodate class sizes. Currently, students meet outside, under trees or in one of three village churches. Your donations support building a central facility with adequate resources.

Cost: estimated at a minimum of $50,000
Priority: medium

Completed projects include:

  • Wind and solar power for village homes
  • Re-roofing village homes: protection from rain and fire
  • Water sanitation and hygiene education: disease prevention
  • Anti-malarial bed-net distribution: disease prevention
  • Bed, pillow, sheet and blanket distribution: provided warmth and pest protection
  • A water well and solar-powered water pump: eliminated two-kilometer walks and lines at the pumps to gather fresh water
  • Drip irrigation: improved the food supply with multiple maize crops and vegetable gardens
  • Running water taps free-of-charge for all villagers: improved sanitation and productivity
  • Distribution of fertilizer, urea and seed: improved crop yields threefold per hectare
  • Uniforms, shoes and equipment for the village football (soccer) team: lead to third place in the district and generated village pride, literally putting the village on the map
  • Children’s and young adult books distribution: improved reading skills and increased literacy in children aged 5-18
  • Educational scholarships: allowed rural, poor students to attend secondary school; improved self-esteem, career prospects and life choices