School Solarization

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Phase Zero: School Solarizations

Energy security for classrooms and communities

In partnership with community-based organizations, Moving Windmills Project will install solar energy systems, including battery management, solar controllers, and maintenance and repairs at 12 schools in Malawi that are currently operating without any source of consistent lighting. Your support allows after-school learning, replenished libraries, and a renewed sense of community spirit.

Building blocks for a better future

Fewer than 10% of Malawians have access to consistent electricity. In Malawi, rural schools are often some of the only community infrastructures, and electrifying these sites provides a resource that is enjoyed by the multiple villages that each school serves. We anticipate each school will serve a community of 3,000, impacting 36,000 Malawians with access to after-hours lighting across 12 communities in Kasungu.

Malawian schools often teach multiple “shifts” to reach more students and generate income. Providing electricity allows teachers to offer night classes to adult students and a safe place for evening reading to all students and community members.

Our Phase Zero philosophy is to empower existing community initiatives with new value and additional inputs, the school solarizations do just this by rewarding existing efforts and providing for more secure lives.