Moving Windmills does not currently host volunteers in Malawi, but there are many ways you can help:

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Create Your SPARK

Partner Fundraising for Moving Windmills

Create a global connection to engage your school, church, or organization, and bring much-needed support to young creative problem-solvers in Malawi.

Interested in William Kamkwamba visiting with your school, church, or community?

Create your own SPARK… Connect with the life and work of “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” and harness the power of your classroom or community to bring meaningful change.

Join us in creating conversations across borders and backgrounds through our ongoing projects. By raising funds at varying levels, your support will empower our community development work and help build a home for creative problem-solvers in the heart of Malawi. In thanks for your support, we offer ways to engage on a deeper level with Moving Windmills and young Malawians.

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