Phase Zero:

Community development in Kasungu

Phase Zero is the prelude to our upcoming Innovation Center, aimed at energising Kasungu’s communities and nurturing a generation of skilled youth ready to embark on innovative endeavours. It’s designed to inspire and uplift while creating a pipeline of talented youth that will be the first cohorts at the Moving Windmills Innovation Center. In partnership, we’ve identified what Malawians most want to see and are working hard to make it a reality.

There’s no shortage of solutions, only a failure to deliver them to those most in need—our work closes that gap.


Community Hubs

At five strategically-located schools across a 100-km radius in the villages of Chitenge, Chilanga, Mtunthama, Wimbe, and Kalenga, along with a storage facility, and a donor-gifted house in Kasungu town, we’re creating a network of Community Hubs.

These hubs are being equipped with solar systems for consistent energy, drilled wells for clean water access, thousands of bookseducational technology including Endless OS computers, Starlink internet, and other digital teaching aids. Additionally, agricultural teaching plots and food gardens are integrated to bolster food security and hands-on learning, complemented by EV charging stations for electric mobility and some of Kasungu’s first public art installations.

This comprehensive approach aims to serve around 4,000 individuals per hub, impacting an estimated 28,000 Malawians. By providing a broad spectrum of resources, from sustainable energy and educational technology to agricultural expertise, we are nurturing self-sufficiency and significantly enhancing our community’s quality of life.

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STEAM Hub Clubs

We are empowering 56 students in small groups at each Community Hub with specialised design skills training and an action-oriented curriculum.

These Clubs each hosting 8 students aged 15-30, ensure gender inclusivity and encourage out-of-school youth to join.

Participants engage in a foundational engineering curriculum and tackle real-world projects in solar, water management, art and design, and carpentry. Working deeply and directly with Moving Windmills and William, hub participants gain further opportunities for participation in our apprenticeship, SPARK, and exchange programs.

This program not only equips students with critical skills but also benefits the wider community, providing thousands with access to educational resources, clean energy, and agricultural technology insights, demonstrating the transformative power of integrated learning.

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School Solarizations + E-bike Charging

In Malawi, where access to reliable electricity is limited to less than 10% of the population, rural schools and maize mills often stand as key community infrastructure. Electrifying these sites becomes a crucial resource for the surrounding villages, turning them into beacons of solar power that not only illuminate educational paths but also serve as community gathering points.

This effort complements our sustainable energy mission, converting diesel maize mills to solar, adding libraries and EV charging, boosting Malawi’s education, agriculture, and transport. Our electric fleet, including bicycles, motorcycles, and a car, brings sustainable solutions to Malawi’s rural areas, independent of fluctuating fuel costs and scarcities. We train apprentices to manage this fleet, equipping them with skills for future engineers, mechanics and entrepreneurs. This initiative enhances crop distribution, ride-sharing, education, and community ties.

Gifting to this program helps extend our solar energy and electric mobility initiatives, ensuring our staff’s mobility throughout Kasungu and the ability to deploy battery-powered farming equipment for years to come.

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Agricultural Technology and Irrigation Schemes

Every year, food insecurity remains a real concern for the 80% of Malawian families that rely on farming. Moving Windmills supports small holder farming irrigation schemes using solar-powered water pumps and drip irrigation in the Kasungu area. These ventures support multiple annual harvests, increased crop yields, and promote greater economic stability.

Learn more about our plans to ensure hundreds have access to improved seeds, year-round water, and crafted tools that reduce labor burdens and increase yields.

Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

In Malawi, a country facing immense challenges — from climate hardships to educational barriers — every contribution you make becomes a catalyst for extraordinary change. By supporting us, you are part of a powerful movement to turn adversity into opportunity, actively participating in a transformative journey that reshapes lives and communities.