Phase Zero:

Community development in Kasungu

Phase Zero, School Solarization

Phase Zero will set the stage for the Moving Windmills Innovation Center. Designed to inspire and uplift communities throughout Kasungu while creating a pipeline of talented youth that will be the first cohorts at the Innovation Center. In partnership, we’ve identified what Malawians most want to see and are working hard to make it a reality.

There’s no shortage of solutions, only a failure to deliver them to those most in need—our work closes that gap.

Community Hubs

At 5 strategically-located schools, we are building well-equipped Community Hubs, installing solar systems for energy consistency, drilling wells for clean water access, stocking the schools with books, computers, offline internet access, and creating some of Kasungu’s first community art installations.

Community Hubs will impact more than 4,000 people with clean water, solar electricity, and relevant learning materials. 

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Solar Panel Installation
Art Malawi mentoring

STEM Hub Clubs

We are empowering 56 students in small groups at each Hub with design skills training and an action-oriented curriculum.

Each Hub Club will be composed of 8 students, aged 15-30. Men and women will participate equally and out-of-school youth are encouraged to join.

At each Community Hub, Clubs will work deeply and directly with Moving Windmills on an introduction to engineering curriculum. Each Club will also complete hands-on, experiential learning projects with William on solar, water, and carpentry.

Learn more and support our Hub Clubs here.

School Solarizations + E-bike Charging

Fewer than 10% of Malawians have access to consistent electricity. In Malawi, rural schools are often some of the only community infrastructure, and electrifying these sites provides a resource that is enjoyed by the multiple villages each school serves.

Your support also helps us expand a network of charging stations for our electric vehicles. Gifting to this program ensures our staff’s mobility throughout Kasungu and the ability to deploy battery-powered farming equipment for years to come.

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Phase Zero, School Solarization
Phase Zero: Community Development

Agricultural Technology and Irrigation Schemes

Food insecurity remains an annual concern for the 80% of Malawian families that rely on farming. Moving Windmills supports small-scale garden irrigation schemes using solar-powered water pumps and drip irrigation in the Kasungu area. These ventures support multiple annual harvests, increased crop yields, and greater economic stability.

Learn more about our plans to ensure hundreds have access to improved seeds, year-round water, and crafted tools that reduce labor burdens and increase yields.

Support African Innovation

Donations will also help ongoing projects such as our School Solarization Initiative. If you or your company can offer larger support, please contact Olivia Scott Kamkwamba directly,