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Interested in William Kamkwamba visiting with your school, church, or community?

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Join us in creating conversations across borders and backgrounds through our ongoing projects. By raising funds at varying levels, your support will empower our community development work and help build a home for creative problem-solvers in the heart of Malawi. In thanks for your support, we offer ways to engage on a deeper level with Moving Windmills and young Malawians.

The Gift that SPARKED a Movement

When Moving Windmills’ co-founder William Kamkwamba was forced to drop out of school he remained curious and inventive. Inspired by a single photo in a textbook, William reasoned out how to build a windmill from spare parts and scrap. William’s design required a dynamo—a device that uses the movement of a machine or vehicle to produce electricity. William could not afford to buy one; his best friend Gilbert could — and did. 

Gilbert’s dynamo was the opportunity that propelled William’s talent and lead to ripples of impact: the first windmill generated electricity; the next iterations irrigated fields, saved lives, and transformed a community. From one spark of change to inspiring a generation of creative problem solvers.

Create Your Own Dynamo Moments in Malawi and Around the World