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Phase Zero, School Solarization

Phase Zero is designed to inspire and uplift communities throughout Kasungu while creating a pipeline of talented youth that will be the first cohorts at the Innovation Center. In collaboration with local community leaders and schools, we identified what Malawians most want to see and are working hard to make it a reality.

Phase Zero will set the stage for the Moving Windmills Innovation Center by focusing on four major priorities:

Solar Panel Installation

Transform learning environments

At 5 schools in close proximity to the future innovation center, we are building well-equipped Community Hubs, installing solar systems for energy consistency, drilling wells for clean water access, stocking the schools with books, computers, offline internet access, and creating some of Kasungu’s first community art installations. You can see video updates and support our school solarizations projects here

Art Malawi mentoring

Grow mentorship pathways

We are developing a pipeline of talented students for the Innovation Center through hands-on skill-building opportunities — training on EndlessOS computer systems, installing and maintaining solar systems, and working with artists on community beautification projects. Learn more and support our School Solarization projects here

Phase Zero, School Solarization

Deepen Community Connections

Community-directed projects have always been a priority for Moving Windmills. This past year, we reached out to leaders and teachers throughout the Kasungu region to learn what would be of most value to their villages. Thanks to their input and collaboration, Moving Windmills is solarizing 12 additional schools, installing six community irrigation schemes, and stocking eight libraries with more than 24,000 books (including agricultural specific and STEAM-based texts).  One example is our partnership with Liness Chagwamnjira Private Schools — we are solarizing the campus allowing energy-savings to be relayed into a scholarship fund for public school students. Gifts of any size can help support our community-directed projects, you can support with a donation here

Phase Zero: Community Development

Cultivate Collaborations

Over the past year, we’ve created new partnerships with Project Navigator, EndlessOS, Books for Africa, K2 TASO, and ArtMalawi. Building relationships with mission-aligned organizations and individuals is vital to Phase Zero’s success, the future Innovation Center, and making our vision of empowered change-makers a reality. Learn more about our Books for Africa partnership and empower youth with agricultural specific texts here