Irrigation Schemes + AgTech Development

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Phase Zero: Solar Irrigation Schemes + AgTech Development 

Uplifting existing community collectives and easing labor burdens

80% of Malawian families are farmers, yet each year annual harvests are at risk. Moving Windmills supports community irrigation schemes using solar-powered submersible pumps and drip irrigation kits in Kasungu. These ventures support multiple annual harvests, increased crop yields, and greater economic stability.

Moving Windmills is empowering existing community farming collectives with solar-powered irrigation schemes. Our irrigation schemes are designed to provide six communities with village-wide impact.

Our drip irrigation systems will allow 15-20 families per village to collectively farm two to three times per year, increasing their financial security and reducing reliance on ever-changing seasonal rains.

Our Phase Zero philosophy is to empower existing community initiatives with new value and additional inputs. The community irrigation schemes do just this by rewarding existing efforts and providing for more secure livelihoods