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Phase Zero: Community Hubs

We are transforming the learning environment at five schools in Kasungu with the construction of new solar-powered educational spaces that are equipped with laptops, libraries, and EndlessOS offline internet. Your support also provides clean water systems, trained librarian staff, and funds for maintenance and repairs.

Community Hubs are school-based community resources. We anticipate 3,000 children, siblings, parents, and community members will be directly impacted by each center in the first year. These include 1,500 young people in grade-level equivalents 1-10 from up to five surrounding villages. To accommodate this range, our offline internet system and libraries include engaging content for ages 5-75.


School-based resource, community-wide impact

Moving Windmill’s approach to maintenance is multifaceted. Community members contribute time and labor towards costs for replacement lightbulbs, stationary, and discretionary funds for the librarians. Additionally, each Community Hub budget includes funds for maintenance and repair that remain with the organization.

Moving Windmills is in direct contact with each community. We will always be rooted in Kasungu and will not abandon schools.

Thanks to our partnership with the Center for Youth Development, timely maintenance, and replacement of laptops provided will be provided by their Malawi-based technicians.