About Moving Windmills

Inspired by the work of William Kamkwamba, Moving Windmills Project was founded in 2008 by William Kamkwamba and his board to pursue rural economic development and education projects in Malawi, Africa. Eleven years into the project, we’re gearing up for our most exciting program yet, the Moving Windmills Innovation Center (see elsewhere on site).

Our motto is, “African Solutions to African Problems.” Rather than invest in top-down, externally imposed agendas, Moving Windmills works with local leaders to determine, organize and implement appropriate solutions. Areas of focus include: food, clothing, shelter, sanitation, health, sports, education, clean water and community building.

Previous projects include free water from a simple tap without having to manually pump, saving time and back muscles. The water comes from 2 x 5000 liter tanks, which are filled by a solar water pump. We solar-powered the local high school, given them offline internet, and light for the girls’ self-boarding dorm. We built four school blocks (school buildings, each with two large rooms. Naturally they are solar-powered for light and phone charging. High school students use them at night to study, using the steady, bright lights. The buildings are also used for community meetings. Primary school attendance after the buildings is up 10%.

Finally, we sponsored a young men’s football (soccer) team which had a large impact. Young men were bored and potentially getting into minor trouble, but now they are very disciplined about football. We got them proper jerseys, pants, socks and boots (shoes). After their first game with proper equipment, the team became almost immediately part of the regional league. At the end of the season, the team was ranked #2. Football has brought the community together; 3000 people turn out each game, and the sides of the football pitch are abuzz with a vibrant community. No other event drew this many people. Enterprising women even make and sell snacks for the attendees. There is even a junior varsity team, where players matriculate to the main team. During the season, Wimbe (William’s town) hears their name and those of the players on the national radio, literally putting them on the map. Finally many players have been poached by other teams in recognition of the Wimbe team. Perhaps most extraordinary, a the team member was recruited by Mzuzu University, one the best schools in the nation, where he now attends school and plays for them.

Moving Windmills Director: William Kamkwamba
[email protected]

Board of Directors and Advisers including Emeka Okafor, African intellectual and entrepreneur, Tom Rielly, West Coast Community Director for TED Conferences, and Michael Markiewicz, CPA, CFP. Reach them via [email protected]

Non-Profit Status

Moving Windmills Project is a New York-based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Copies of the IRS determination letter and/or certificate of incorporation are available upon request at [email protected]. To contribute larger amounts via check or wire transfer,

[email protected] again. The Moving Windmills project director and board members are volunteers. In Malawi, Moving Windmills Project may engage paid or volunteer services of local individuals, companies and NGOs to execute projects.