“Inspiring A Generation of Creative Problem Solvers”

To achieve our mission, Moving Windmills works with local leaders to determine, organize, and implement appropriate solutions that build community and solve pressing problems.

We value:

  • Human-centered design: People know their own problems best. Solutions must involve those who face the challenge.
  • Appropriate Technology: Designs that use local, repurposed materials and are easily replicable and locally made.
  • Local Knowledge: We believe in adaptive and observant ways of knowing and doing that are unique to Malawi.
  • Ever Learning: We believe wisdom comes in being constantly open to growth and from seeking mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Talent is universal, opportunity is rare: Good ideas can come from anyone. We all have a role to play and a story to share.

Our Team

William Kamkwamba, Co-Founder

Tom Rielly, Co-Founder

Michael Markiewicz, Finance Chair

Emeka Okafor, Board Member

Edith Sikelo, Board Member

Blessings Chikakula

Amanda Rafuse

Olivia Scott Kamkwamba

Gilbert Wimbe

Eric Bunge