In 2008, I co-founded the Moving Windmills Project to inspire innovative solutions to African problems in Kasungu, Malawi. Thanks to support from around the world, we've accomplished so much in Wimbe and beyond. Moving Windmills’ current and recent projects range from a comprehensive plan to empower Malawians in the Kasungu province, (2 hours north of the capital city) with access to solar-powered electricity, to providing clean water from a simple tap vs. pumping from a manual well, to building sustainably powered schools, to sponsoring a young men’s football (soccer) team. These projects mean more funds for food and education and a rise in community spirit, which have a long-lasting impact and wide-ranging ripple effects from saved pain and labor for individuals to lower energy costs. 

Now, I am working on my biggest project yet, the Moving Windmills Innovation Center. This will be a hands-on, collaborative-learning center located in Kasungu, Malawi, East Africa. Crafted in partnership with MASS Design Group in Rwanda, the Innovation Center is designed to inspire the next generation of African innovators. There, young people will find the mentorship and tools necessary to address the complex problems unique to their communities. Good tools and mentorship are the two things I wished I had when I was building my windmill. The Moving Windmills team of mentors will guide student cohorts to ideate, co-create, and implement simple solutions that change lives and ease burdens. Watch a brief video about the Innovation Center or learn more about the Moving Windmills Project through this video introduction.

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