Here is a quick update on Bryan and me.

First of all, both of us are so grateful for and humbled by all the love and appreciation you have shown us during the whole book process.

These days, I'm a sophomore at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH, majoring in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Engineering. I love it here, except for the cold. I have two great roommates from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and Houston, TX. I have an amazing advisor, professor John Collier and a great tutor and friend in Christopher Schmidt, who also graduated from Dartmouth.

During school breaks, I speak in many places to audiences mostly composed of college or high school students. I have been so lucky to go to UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. Norway is coming up. The craziest time was when I spoke at the University of Florida. I had to talk to 8000 University of Florida students in their football stadium, and they had my face on Jumbotron screens. I was so nervous before going on stage. It worked out fine though.

My non-profit Moving Windmills Project is currently rebuilding my primary school, building by building. We finished one last year, and one is built but just waiting for the rains to stop for final painting.

So that's two of at least seven school "blocks" we will need. We build these in conjunction with my friends at, an amazing U.S./Int'l NGO. My friend and I add solar power and electricity to the buildings so they can be used until late at night, both for adult literacy, and for high school students to study under the bright lights. I also built my parents a business which has helped them lift themselves out of poverty. My plan for the future has not changed: To create a company that builds and markets low-cost power and water systems for Malawi's rural poor.

Meanwhile, Bryan is married to a lovely playwright and author, Ann-Marie Healy. They have one child, and another baby (and another adult book!) arrive any minute. Bryan lives in Saugerties, NY.

Thanks for buying our books and telling people about them and coming to visit in person. Feel free to email, knowing only that my school work may prevent a rapid reply.