Nsima is basic food in Malawi; everyone eats it regardless of what they do: politicians, teachers, soccer plays, pastors, and doctors are all getting fat from it. Although there are many ways of preparing nsima, there is one that is commonly used. You need the following tools and ingredients: medium-sized cooking pot, corn flour, water, cooking stick, and firewood if you don’t have stove. To make enough nsima for five people you need: one liter of water, and four cups of flour. The first thing you need to do is to make a hot fire. Fill the pot with the water. The water should get hot before you start pouring the flour into it. When you feel that the water is hot enough, pour half the flour into the water while you are staring it. Make sure that the flour is well mixed with the water. Cover the pot with a lid for a few minutes until the porridge starts bubbling. Cook for five minutes. Then add more flour and stir until it gets medium hard and smooth. After that, take the pot off the fire and start scooping the nsima onto a serving plate using the wooden spoon. Now your nsima is ready; it tastes best with mustard greens and chicken stew.