In the spring and summer of 2010, in partnership with, we built new classrooms for my primary school in Wimbe. When we were finished, I was happy to see kids learning in good classes. Here are some photos of the students using the new block of two classrooms. The expressions of excitement on the kids’ faces were astonishing and made me feel so proud! Thanks to all the parents and community members who worked on the project, and a special thanks to the generous donors who made it possible.


Over that summer I spent my time teaching children how to harness wind power. After finishing construction of the classrooms, kids from Wimbe Primary helped me install wind and solar power at the school. I was happy to share my skills with children from the Wimbe area. I was so excited to install the power system at Wimbe Primary School. Now children can read at night. The most interesting thing is that children are now using one laptop per child through the power from wind and solar. (Thanks to the generous donation of the laptops.) I know that the electricity and new block of classrooms will help students to succeed with their studies. 



The installation of the power wouldn’t be successful without the help of my friends Benn and Gilbert and my cousin Geoffrey. My friend Benn Salala did a wonderful job of installing solar panels. Gilbert and Geoffrey helped with excavation of the windmill. Special thanks should go to Go Campaign and Moving Windmills for funding me to build the windmill and purchase the solar panels to power the school.  Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to build the system.


Also on behalf of the Wimbe community, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who supported us with physical strength, financial means, planning and moral support for this valuable community project. People at Wimbe are very thankful for you generosity. Without your support we couldn’t have done it.