What a great day that Bryan and I had in Chicago. After eating some delicious deep-dish pizza last night at Gino's East (I can't tell you how much I love deep-dish pizza), we woke up this morning and got busy. I managed to spend a few hours studying for my SAT's after breakfast, then we headed to Northwestern University as guests of the Global Engagement Summit. What a good crowd! IMG_2478

Here's me at the podium.

And with two new friends, Stephanie Sparrell and Kate Mullersman. Thanks for coming out to see me!

After finishing at Northwestern, we battled the bad Chicago traffic and headed to Barbara's Bookstore for another presentation. We didn't have a projector at the bookstore, so Bryan and I just started talking and hoped for the best. I was very to look into the audience and see my old friend Juliana Rotich from Global Voices Online and Afromusing.

Our crowd at Barbara's Bookstore (photo by Afromusing)

Standing with our friend Juliana.

Now we're back in the hotel waiting to eat dinner and Bryan is teaching me about American football on ESPN. I can't believe how these guys are so muscular. They're almost as tough as Wimbe United. Almost.