We had another busy day in beautiful Seattle. The sun was shining and the weather was nice, so Bryan and I walked fifteen blocks from our hotel to the Amazon.com offices for a "Fishbowl" presentation with the staff. WK at AMAzon

Here's me inside the Fishbowl. The presentation went great!

WK at Amazon2

After the presentation, Bryan and I hung out with our new friend Dave Callanan, an editor at Amazon who has been very supportive of our book. Dave asked to do a podcast with us about my story, so of course we agreed. Thanks for the good questions, Dave!

WK flu shot
Bryan and I are traveling a lot on airplanes for our book tour. And with it being flu season, we decided to stop at the drugstore after Amazon and get a vaccine. It was my first flu shot, but I wasn't afraid (despite Bryan teasing me). We joked that maybe the pharmacist could cut my knuckles and insert the vaccine like mangolomera, which I foolishly bought once from the magic man when I was young to make me strong and fearless. It didn't work, and if you read my book, you know that I was beaten by an older boy when I tried to use it. Anyway, I hope this flu vaccine works better. 

Third Place Books
Our final stop of the night was at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. We had a good crowd, including a guy who asked very detailed questions about my wiring systems and how I converted AC to DC power, and so on. I told them all about diodes. I love these questions.

Tomorrow is our last day in Seattle, then we'll be leaving and heading back on the road. We'll miss the Space Needle and waterfront and the library with its walls made of glass. I'll also miss clam chowder.