Malawi: President 'Determined' to Lead Country Out of Poverty


Today I read that the president of my country was asked a question about me. I didn't believe it at first and thought that someone was joking. 

"I want to ask you about a young Malawian whose ingenuity and determination are attracting worldwide attention. William Kamkwamba's new book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, recounts his creation of a windmill from scraps, which not only brought electricity to his village but has brought him access to education, when that seemed a remote possibility only a few years back.

I know the story and I'm going to see him soon. I am always thrilled to see this kind of innovation. From time to time you get young people with bright ideas. There was also someone who had his own small hydro-power plant for his village. It's encouraging to see that kind of innovation among the youth."

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