Tonight Bryan and I presented at our first public event of the book tour at the Amnesty International lecture series at Barnes and Noble in TriBeCa. We had a great turnout and all the chairs were full. We were introduced by our host from Barnes and Noble. The Amnesty International representative spoke briefly about poverty as a human rights issue.

First we gave an expanded version of the presentation I delivered at TEDGlobal in Oxford. Then we answered questions from the audience. Finally we signed a lot of books and spoke to the audience. Thank you to Barnes and Noble for inviting us.

Amnesty rep

The woman from Amnesty International with Bryan and me. I didn't get her name but I will try to find it.

Presenting at barnes and noble tribeca

presenting with Bryan. On the screen is a photograph of my father Trywell.



Signing Books at B&N

signing books

Bryan's friends and WK

Bryan's friends came out tonight to support us! We had dinner with them afterwards.

Buy The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind at Barnes and Noble.