Last week, my parents Trywell and Agnes Kamkwamba went with Blessings to visit my mom's mother, Grandma Rose Matiki, in her village near Salima, Malawi, about 3 hours away from my home. My grandfather passed away earlier this year while I was in school in Johannesburg. Grandma's home is very near to Lake Malawi, the third largest freshwater lake in Africa. Grandma lives in Salima with her daughters and son and their families. She is an amazingly strong woman with a great sense of humor who tells great stories. This past year has been very hard for her of course. My grandfather was a kind, gentle man who worked hard with Grandma Rose to provide for their extended family of 20 people.
(my dad is the tall guy with the Obama shirt, Mom is to his right, and Grandma Rose to her right in the black head scarf.)