Picture 5

Museum of Science and Industry exhibit

This is a picture from my exhibit at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, called Fast Forward…Inventing the Future. It tells the story of how I made the windmill in Malawi. I am very happy to see this exhibit in the museum, and I hope it will encourage other young people to do new things.
"The exhibit also features “young innovators”—young people beyond their years who show great promise, vision and motivation to change the world. The first young innovator profiled is a self-taught 20-year-old, William Kamkwamba, who as a teenager built a windmill out of scrap materials to provide electricity for his family. He now dreams of powering every village in his African nation of Malawi."

Here are some other exhibits from the show.

Picture 2
Sit inside the Myers NmG Car

Picture 3
Have a chat with the robot Zeno

Picture 4
Learn to play the Reactable