I’m very excited that I will enroll in the very first class of a new, pan-African prep school based in suburban Johannesburg called the African Leadership Academy. Co-founded by four businesspeople and educators, African Leadership Academy will bring together 3rd and 4th year secondary students from over 30 countries in Africa for the very first year. There will be approximately 100 students the first year. The school is located on the grounds of an former printing college and therefore has a large design lab. I visited the campus on my way home from America. I have a lot of preparation to do in English and Math to get ready. Thank you to Fred Swaniker, CEO and his team for this opportunity, and to the Walker family for their scholarship.


Here is an excerpt from their website: "African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform Africa by developing and supporting future generations of African leaders. Opening in September 2008, African Leadership Academy will bring together the most promising 16-19 year old leaders from all 54 African nations for an innovative two-year program designed to prepare each student for a lifetime of leadership on the continent. Students will be selected to attend the Academy based on merit alone and will complete an innovative curriculum with a unique focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and African studies. ALA graduates will attend the world’s finest universities and will lead Africa toward a peaceful and prosperous future. The Academy is a nonprofit institution located in Johannesburg, South Africa."