Goats and Cows cross the highway on the way to my home in Wimbe

In Malawi most people don’t have automobiles, so the roads in the rural areas aren’t especially crowded with vehicles. Most people travel in minibuses that often have a few too many people in them. The minibuses can break down or get stopped by police for being overfull. Sometimes these situations cause major delays. Baobab Health does have a couple of vehicles, but I don’t know how to drive just yet.

Cars and Land Cruisers share the road with people, bicycles, dogs, and farm animals. At any time an animal can dart into the road so you have to be extra careful. It’s especially dangerous to drive at night, so most people try to avoid it. Many trucks drive slowly or have missing lights. If you have an accident far from town, it’s very hard to get emergency assistance in time.

A recent visitor told me he thinks of progress in Malawi as a lot like the road— to move forward, you have to clear a lot of goats out of the way.