Lots of people have asked, "where do you live exactly?" It’s about 2 1/2 hours north of the capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi. You can fly there in Google Earth (free download). Here is the link to my village: Wimbe.


Where I live as seen in Google Earth.

A lot of people don’t know where Malawi is in Africa. We’re bordered on the north by Tanzania, where I traveled for TEDGlobal, on the West by Zambia and on the Southwest and East by Mozambique. Though Malawi is completely landlocked (no border on the Indian Ocean), we have a large freshwater lake running down the East side of the country. Despite Lake Malawi, water can be scarce in the villages. It’s about an hour’s drive from my village to the east to get to the Salima, a town on Lake Malawi where my maternal grandparents live.

Malawi Map courtesy Merriam-Webster

Malawi is in Southern Africa, North of Mozambique and South of Tanzania.