In two earlier posts, I talked about installing metal blades to replace the plastic ones, and replacing the bicycle dynamo with a more powerful treadmill motor. My cousin helped me with this project. Here is the first picture of the new setup:


The windmill with the new metal blades made from a metallic drum. The photo also shows  the new alternator running a smaller wheel so as to reduce
the speed, in order to achieve the required voltage for the batteries.

A report emailed to one of my mentors from Alfred Maele of National Solar, who has been helping me on a few projects: "William has so replaced the alternator with the one [Baobab Health] supplied and we measured the current was 3 Amps which was satisfactory. [William and] we are still observing its capability to charge the batteries before combining with [the next phase of our project] and this would probably take another week before we conclude.  We have provided William with a digital multimeter to enable him take readings of voltage and current during this period.  Our conclusion after a week will decide whether it is indeed necessary to combine the system with [the next phase] or not."   I am very excited to tell you about the next phase of the project, but I wish to wait until it’s completely finished and then I’ll share it with you.