On Saturday I visited a Malawian NGO called Baobab Health. They work to automate the process of caring for patients in the Malawian health care system. My friends Mike, Peter and Soyapi work there. William_and_peter_testing_the_mot_2
Here, Peter is showing me a stronger motor from a treadmill that I could drive with my windmill. It outputs 48V, 4x the power of my current windmill. He demonstrates the output using an electric drill to turn the motor. I measure the power with a voltmeter. It’s the first time I have used a voltmeter and I think it is very cool. Mike and Peter gave me the motor and the voltmeter as a gift. I am very happy.


Soyapi Mumba, Oliver Gadabu, Alex Gondwe, Mwatha Bwanali, Mike McKay of Baobab Health and my mentor Dr. Hartford Mchazime, Ph.D.