Due to your generosity, I have received many donations so far, which I shall apply
to the projects that I am doing to improve the life of my family. The donations range from $1 and up and come from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. I plan to list the first names and last initials of donors and their cities in an upcoming post. I am very grateful to all of you who have contributed so far. With matching donations from the challenge grant, the numbers will climb.

of uses of proceeds included: mattresses, blankets and pillows for family members;
anti-malarial bednets, mosquito coils, and anti-bug powder; sanitary
drinking water dispenser and containers, pots and pans, and water
disinfectant; medicine, such as children’s Panadol, aspirin, and
bandages; food staples such as cooking oil, salt, sugar, milk; shoes;
hand and clothes soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper,
towels, and sponges; school supplies including pens and composition
notebooks; cups, plates and bowls; and safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher and lightning diverter (lightning rod in U.S. parlance.)

These funds will also pay for the enhanced lighting and power in my home as documented on the blog. I’m working on a project right now to benefit my extended family, many of whom live in the five home in my immediate neighborhood. I am eager to tell you about it, but want to wait until it is finished first.

When planting season comes, I will use some of the funds to buy seed,
fertilizer and urea for my family’s crops of maize, ground nuts and

I have also opened a bank account and put funds in so that my family is now prepared for medical, food or other needs and/or emergencies.  I have started saving for the rest of private secondary school, boarding and university, too.