African Leadership Academy
Pan African Prep School in Johannesburg with kids from every African country

Moving Windmills Project finances are provided by:
Michael Markiewicz, CPA/PFS, CFP
Feuer & Orlando, LLP
2 Wall Street, 10th FL New York, NY 10005
+1 212.736.5500
(Meaning we are very buttoned down)
[email protected]

Reach him for a copy of our IRS determination letter (that we’re a non-profit), or for larger gifts to send by wire transfer or check. Or any other questions. Moving Windmills Project is a 10 year old New York-based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Copies of the IRS determination letter and/or certificate of incorporation are available upon request at [email protected] To contribute larger amounts via check or wire transfer, [email protected] again. The Moving Windmills project director and board members are volunteers. In Malawi, Moving Windmills Project may engage paid or volunteer services of local individuals, companies and NGOs to execute projects.

MWP board of Advisers are Emeka Okafor, African intellectual and entrepreneur; Tom Rielly, TED Conferences; and Michael Markiewicz CPA and CFP. Company names are for affiliation only.

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